Luke Goedeke expected to play “somewhere on the line” in 2023

The Bucs’ offensive line is largely a question mark coming into 2023, and coach Todd Bowles discussed one particular unknown on that front at the annual NFL meetings in Arizona.

Bowles was asked about plans for offensive lineman Luke Goedeke for the upcoming season, and while Bowles didn’t seem to know what position he would play just yet, he appeared confident that Goedeke would get playing time on the line for 2023. Here is what Bowles said on the Bucs lineman who will be heading into his second year in 2023:

“I thought Luke started out learning and I think he is a very physical football player. I think he is going to help us this year. He is going to play somewhere on the line. We are not quite sure where yet. You really like him at guard, then he showed he can really play tackle at the end of the year so depending on the Draft and how the rest of free agency goes, we will find one of the two spots for him, but it is good to have the versatility.”

Goedeke got playing time in 2022, his rookie year, but much of it was not pretty. He had a rocky start at left guard to start the year, and after he suffered a foot injury in the team’s first game against Carolina, he was subsequently phased out for Bucs lineman Nick Leverett. Goedeke will have ample opportunity to prove himself in 2023, but exactly where on the line he’s set to do that appears to be under consideration for now.

Story originally appeared on Buccaneers Wire