Luis Palomino frustrated with BKFC, threatens to retire unless he gets Mike Perry fight

Luis Palomino is not happy with where he stands in BKFC, specifically when it comes down to getting opportunities for marquee fights.

The two-division BKFC champion is frustrated, calling for fights against Mike Perry and fighters of such stature, though he hasn’t received anything of the sort in return. Palomino, who’s regarded by many as the best pound-for-pound bareknuckle boxer today, is fed up with his situation.

“You talk about frustration. Frustration is not even a word that can describe this situation,” Palomino told MMA Junkie in Spanish. “I don’t get this situation, to be honest.

“I understand that David Feldman, a man who created this sport, is trying to bring in the public using names like Eddie Alvarez, Luke Rockhold, Mike Perry, and these UFC names that have followings and are known. I get that, but I think that phase is over.

“Now we have the eyes on us, and it’s time to give your own champions, the in-house guys, these opportunities. It’s been extremely frustrating chasing Chad Mendes for an entire year just for him to disappear and then come back out of nowhere to fight Eddie Alvarez.”

Palomino, who holds titles at both lightweight and featherweight, has publicly called out notable names in his divisions including Perry, Alvarez, Chad Mendes, and Thiago Alves. He’s yet to fight any of those guys.

Palomino was appalled to see Perry call out Anthony Pettis and say he’s only interested in fighting fighters with large followings after he won the “King of Violence” BKFC title in win over Eddie Alvarez in December.

“After the fight at the press conference, they asked Perry what his thoughts were on fighting Luis Palomino. His answer after winning a title of ‘King of Violence’ wasn’t a very violent answer,” Palomino said. “That answer was something like, ‘Well, if the organization is going to put someone against me, that person needs to have Instagram followers, and many comments and likes.’

“I was dumbfounded. I don’t get his line of thinking. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. That might’ve been the words of his manager because I know he doesn’t like me, and he doesn’t want that fight. So I think that answer came more from that side. I put the video on my social media and everyone was like, ‘What kind of answer is that? The bigger guy running from the smaller one.'”

Palomino returns to the ring Feb. 2, as he’s set to headline BKFC 57 in Hollywood, Fla. He takes on former WBA champion-turned-bareknuckle-boxer Austin Trout.

The Peruvian fighter told MMA Junkie the fight against Trout might be his last, as he will only fight again if it’s against Mike Perry or someone of similar profile.

“After this fight, I’ll be the only champion in BKFC history that’s gone 10-0. I would also be the only fighter who’s defended his belt seven times,” Palomino said. “Before me, it was Joey Beltran who had three. I now doubled that, and I will have the seventh one on Feb. 2.

“I will put my feet on the ground, and I’m not going to accept any other fight that’s not Mike Perry. You’re not going to make up a title and present that title as more important than the undisputed world title and not give me the opportunity to fight for something like that? My deal is, ‘Ok, cool. You want to make them a title because of the history of Eddie Alvarez and Mike Perry, cool. But if you want to legitimize that, that guy needs to fight a real champion. Me, being the No. 1 pound-for-pound guy, I deserve that fight.'”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie