Lucid Air Touring walkaround

The Lucid Air Touring, starts at $108,900 and comes with a standard dual-motor AWD. With 620 horsepower, 0-60 comes in just 3.4 seconds. The bigger battery has an EPA-estimated range of 425 miles. the Touring comes standard with an aluminum roof. However, buyers have the option to upgrade to a panoramic glass top for $4,500. Inside, all three color schemes — Mojave, Santa Cruz, and Tahoe — are available in Nappa leather claimed to be carbon neutral, a wood trim harvested sustainably, and alpaca wool inserts. Touring models also have an available Stealth trim, which grays out much of the brightwork and extremities such as the front spoiler and mirrors.

Video Transcript

BEN HSU: This has Ben Hsu with Autoblog. We're here at the Lucid studio in Beverly Hills, California taking a look at the Lucid Air Touring. Now, the Touring is one level up from the base Pure. The starting price is $107,400, not including destination.

This car is painted in what they call Cosmos Silver. It has the contrast roof with a big panoramic roof. And that panoramic roof is an option on the Touring. They say it costs $4,500.

Now, this is a dual motor, all wheel drive. That's the standard lay out. It has 620 horsepower. It goes from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds and has a 425-mile range.

20-inch tires-- wheels and tires are standard. 19 is optional. This car has what I think is a gorgeous interior called Santa Cruz. All their interiors are named after locations in California.

So it has some sustainable wood, Napa leather. It has an alpaca kind of fabric-- I don't even know how to describe it-- on the door panels. And you can see there's a contrast between the front and rear seats. Rear bench is, like, I guess an ivory and the front seats are black. And that's, you know, a pretty cool distinguishing characteristic on this car and some of the other high end luxury cars.

Now, this car is going-- or I guess it's in production right now and should be delivered tomorrow for the first few customers.