LSU's Flau'Jae Johnson on Caitlin Clark passing Pete Maravich: 'I love it'

The LSU star spoke with Yahoo Sports' Cassandra Negley about why she's excited for the Iowa scorer to pass her fellow LSU Tiger for the most points scored in NCAA history.

Video Transcript

CASSANDRA NEGLEY: With Caitlin Clark taking on Pete Maravich's record, it's a great opportunity for us to look at all the greats of the women's game. When you think about it in terms of that, like what does it mean to you that Pete's record, this harrowed record could fall, and it's a woman that does it?

FLAU'JAE JOHNSON: I love it. Love it. I couldn't say that around my coaches. Because they're real big Pete Maravich fan, but I love it. Especially that it's a woman doing it and, you know, trailblazing for the game, you know what I'm saying?

So just super excited that Caitlin is able to do what she does at a high clip, since she was a freshman, all four years. So it's just beautiful seeing it. Like you go from like pioneers and WNBA game, like Sheryl Swoopes, you know what I'm saying, and people of that nature, Maya Moore. And then you look now, you have the Caitlin Clark's. Like it's just beautiful. Like, you know what I'm saying, just to see how the game is developing.