LSU's Angel Reese reveals she has security escort on campus since women's basketball title

No question, Angel Reese and her LSU women's basketball teammates knew the moment they won the program's first NCAA championship that life would be different going forward.

But Kim Mulkey's star player may not have quite envisioned to what extent things would change in some areas of life. The most notable difference? A security detail.

During an appearance on daytime talk show "The Jennifer Hudson Show" on Wednesday, Reese revealed that she and her teammates have had a harder time getting around campus and Baton Rouge to the point to where she has needed security to attend class or even to the grocery store.

"Life has been crazy," Reese answered host Jennifer Hudson after being asked how has life been after winning the national title. "It's great. I mean I love that we won the national championship for Baton Rouge and being able to go home. But we can't go out the way we used to be able to go out. Even to the grocery store, we had to have security. Even going to class and stuff, it's been crazy.

"But we embrace it. We love the fans and everybody that has embraced us and showed us love."

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A source within the team confirmed Reese's security detail and told The Daily Advertiser, part of the USA TODAY Network, that LSU President William Tate put security in place for Reese shortly after the team defeated Iowa for the NCAA title and returned to campus from Dallas last month.

Now affectionately known as the "Bayou Barbie," Reese became an almost-overnight superstar in Baton Rouge and on LSU's campus, starring for Mulkey's team putting up an NCAA-record 34 double-doubles this season en route to averaging 23 points and 15 rebounds per game.

Reese has also become one of the faces of women's college basketball, generating publicity for her sensational play and captivating trash talk as well as seeing her engagement on social media soar to new heights for a college basketball player, woman or man.

"When I transferred to LSU, it was just for a fresh start. I had been in college already for two years, coming to LSU, in one year I just wanted love," Reese said. "Have a coach that was super confident in me. And being able to have a coach that was confident in me, to embrace me and be who I am.

"I am unapologetically Angel and that's who I am. They embraced that. I didn't have the thought of winning a championship, I just wanted happiness. To get all of this, this just topped it off."

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This article originally appeared on Lafayette Daily Advertiser: LSU's Angel Reese says NCAA title prompted security escort on campus