LSU Women’s Basketball Bracketology: Can Tigers earn a top two seed?

March is around the corner and the college basketball regular season is winding down.

The LSU women have just five games left before the conference tournament. That means much of its resume is already decided. At 21-4, LSU remains in a good spot.

Current bracket projections have LSU seeded as a No. 3 or No. 4 seed. But that could change if LSU dominates down the stretch.

At this point, a No. 1 is likely out of reach, but a top-two seed is still in play if LSU catches some breaks. Here’s what LSU needs to do and how its resume stacks up against similar teams.

Who is LSU competing with?

Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN, the projected three seeds are LSU, UConn, Virginia Tech and USC. Just above LSU on the two line, you have Iowa, UCLA, Colorado and Texas.

Below the Tigers on the four, there’s Oregon State, Louisville, Indiana and Kansas State.

What LSU needs to do to hold on to the three seed

Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports

LSU likely needs to run the table in the regular season if it wants a top-three seed.

LSU’s toughest remaining game is on the road at Tennessee. The Vols have a good squad, but they’re on the bubble. That’s a game LSU should win.

The rest of the slate includes meeting with Texas A&M, Auburn, Georgia and Kentucky. Those are all games LSU will be expected to win by double-digits. The Tigers can’t afford a loss.

Can LSU make a run at a two seed?

Hinton-USA TODAY Sports
Hinton-USA TODAY Sports

LSU will need some help if it wants a No. 2 seed.

LSU sits ninth in the latest NET rankings. It’s hard to complain about a top 10 ranking, but LSU will need to move up to be in contention for a better seed.

It needs schools like Colorado, UCLA, Iowa and Ohio State to take a hit.

Those teams have a tougher remaining schedule than LSU, so slip-ups are possible. But that SOS will come into play when the committee is deciding.

LSU will hope to get another resume-building chance in the SEC tournament. Avenging the loss to South Carolina could go a long way toward improving LSU’s seeding.

Does this affect LSU's national title hopes?

Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports

The differences between a two, three and four seed are minimal in the opening round.

But when you get deeper in the tournament, it starts to matter.

If LSU ended up as a four seed, the Tigers could be facing a No. 5 seed in round two and be favored by just two or three points. Against most eight or nine-seeds, LSU would be a double-digit favorite.

It’s tough to repeat, but this LSU team has looked better as of late. But holding onto a three seed or securing a top-two seed will put LSU in a much better position to go back-to-back.

Story originally appeared on LSU Tigers Wire