LSU’s Harold Perkins demolishes Arkansas with Jordan Flu Game

If you’re of a certain age, you remember when Michael Jordan scored 38 points against the Utah Jazz in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA finals despite a case of the flu so bad, Jordan looked gray and had trouble even standing up,

LSU true freshman linebacker Harold Perkins had his own version of that kind of game against the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday… though he wasn’t sure who “MJ” was.

The former five-star recruit absolutely blew up Arkansas’ offense to an historic degree in every possible way.

It’s especially nuts when, as LSU head coach Brian Kelly said after LSU’s 13-10 win, Perkins was not feeling his best.

Kids these days. In any event, Perkins came into this game having given Bryce Young and the rest of the Alabama Crimson Tide all kinds of trouble last Saturday in a 32-31 Tigers win. In that game, Perkins had a sack, seven total pressures, five tackles, and four stops. Perkins can play everywhere from the line of scrimmage to the box to the slot, which means that he’ll be more than ready to be an ideal hybrid defender when he’s eligible for the NFL draft… in 2026.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire