LPL reveals 'Discipline Bonus' scheme to monetarily reward teams for good behavior

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Official LPL logo (LoL weibo)
Official LPL logo (LoL weibo)

The competitive League of Legends official weibo (similar to Twitter in China) has announced a “Discipline Bonus” scheme to reward the top six most compliant teams for the season with a small share of broadcast revenue and the season’s penalty fines.

To begin the announcement, the competitive LoL weibo explained that, internationally, LPL has become compliant with the Global Penalty Index (GPI). Internationally, these rules are in place to bring fairness and clarity. In order to support teams and encourage more sportsmanlike behavior, the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) also has its own rule sets, and the league has decided to take this one step further by rewarding teams that don’t incur infractions on a week-to-week basis. This system has been decided, according to the weibo post, by consultation with existing LPL teams starting early in 2016.

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“Every match week,” the weibo post states, “each LPL team will normally receive five points for compliance. If there is an infraction by a team during the week, according to the severity of the infraction, we will deduct some of the team’s weekly points, which will be reflected in the total for the whole season.”

At the end of the season, the six teams with the highest point totals will split the “Discipline Bonus,” or a small portion of broadcast revenue and fines levied against teams throughout the season (the specific proportions were not revealed in the announcement). These Discipline Bonuses were rewarded retroactively for 2016 to the following teams:

2016 Spring: Team WE, Snake eSports, Energy Pacemaker All, Oh My God, Royal Never Give Up, Masters3

2016 Summer: Saint Gaming, I May, Game Talents, Team WE, LGD Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, Vici Gaming (due to a point tie, seven clubs received a portion of the Discipline Bonus)

This system will continue for the 2017 season. The LPL hopes more teams can earn the Discipline Bonus designation and that the level of sportsmanlike behavior across the board will increase.

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