I May's Ben4 suspended for making insulting and racist remarks in Korean solo queue

Ben4 during Week 3 of 2017 LPL Spring (Dionne Ng)
Ben4 during Week 3 of 2017 LPL Spring (Dionne Ng)

The League of Legends Pro League official weibo published a statement officially suspending I May’s Tu “Ben4” Xincheng for his use of offensive language on the Korean solo queue ladder. Snake Esports’ substitute player, Wan “Mint” Kun, was also suspended.

“IMBen4, on the Korean ladder, has repeatedly used insulting words and has cursed other players’ family members. Also, on March 31st and April 18th, during games, he made racist remarks,” the statement read.

LPL punished Ben4 according to LPL ruleset 10.1.2, which prohibits the use of hate speech and offensive language to discriminate. Team members are not allowed to use such language, especially during public events or on broadcast. The final ruling was that Ben4 be suspended from LPL for a single best of three.

At the time of publication, Ben4 was playing with I May in a Demacia Cup best of five against OMG. The ruling will only be applied to LPL matches.

Snake Esports’ substitute ADC player Mint received the same ruling for insulting words, cursing family members, and making racist remarks on April 12th. He will also be suspended from LPL for a best of three.

The ruling did not indicate specifically what words were used. I May likely will play with substitute jungler, Sung “Flaw” Yeonjun for the course of Ben4’s suspension.

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