Lowndes football, baseball players participate in National Signing Day

Feb. 9—VALDOSTA — Many athletes participated in signing day this year at Lowndes High School, with three football players and five baseball players showing off their future schools.

Supporters of the athletes joined together at Lowndes High School's Performing Arts Center to celebrate this momentous day. The day began at 10:00 am with the football players taking the stage, encouraged by rows of teammates.

Football head coach Adam Carter started the ceremony by introducing the young men and their strong contributions to Viking football. Carter stressed the importance of the day to the athletes, stating, "Today is all about them and their families."

The first football player to be acknowledged on stage was O'Shea Brooks. Brooks was introduced as a staple player at Lowndes High School and signed with Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina, a final four team in Division 2 football.

"It is a beautiful place, we're very proud of him," said about Lenoir-Rhyne.

Anthony Carter was next to take the stage with his family. The defensive back plans to go to Georgia Military College as a full qualifier and reset his recruitment. Carter will be joined by two of his teammates in this endeavor. Coach Carter sees a bright future for his player, "His best football is for sure on the way. We're very proud that he gets the chance to show everybody what he can do at the next level."

The final football player to take the stage would be Jacobi Demps. Coach Carter started the athlete's introduction, saying that Demps' future lies in the military. Demps signed with Thomas University, as they offer military opportunities. When conveying his excitement for Demps, Carter said, "He's gonna love it. He's what college football is about."

Coach Carter ended the football signing with a group photo of all the senior players standing behind the three athletes. There was a short break before the baseball signing started.

Head coach Ryan Page took to the stage referencing baseball's previous signing event, saying, "We're ready for round two." Page introduced the five athletes, mentioning the large contributions each of them has made to the baseball program.

Page started with left-handed pitcher Eli Willis and catcher Nate Slaughter, the two athletes signed to Thomas University. Page is especially excited that the pair are staying close to home so he can go watch the two perform at the next level.

The next player highlighted was Brayden York, a right-handed pitcher who signed to play baseball at Gordon State in Barnesville. According to Page, York has a "very high ceiling."

Up next, Jordan Hudson, the centerfielder, signed with the University of Tennessee-Martin. Joining the Division 1 school makes Hudson a part of the 3% of players that get to play at that level.

The last athlete of the day, Ashton Bohler, will be staying local, signing with Valdosta State University. Page is excited to be able to watch some of his players regularly and watch them grow even further.

Page concluded the event by thanking the family and friends in the audience for having a large part in the athletes' lives. Lowndes High School is expecting to have more signings at a later date for more of their athletes.