We Low-Key Figured Out Jesse Palmer’s ‘Bachelor’ Salary and Net Worth

In case you hadn’t noticed, Clayton Echard is the current leading man of The Bachelor even though some of Bachelor Nation wasn't here for the casting decision after Clayton didn't necessarily make a splash on Michelle Young's season of The Bachelorette. On top of that good time, new host Jesse Palmer has officially joined the show and just happens to look...literally exactly like Clayton.

Truly not sure who is who, but moving on!!!!

Jesse’s new gig comes after months of speculation about who would take over the hosting spot after Chris Harrison’s exit from the show—and inquiring minds want to know what he’s getting paid. Not to mention what he’s worth considering Jesse had several very fancy jobs prior to becoming The Bachelor’s new host. And lucky for said inquiring minds, we did some digging and have some answers.

First Up, What Is Jesse Palmer’s Bachelor Salary?

No one has reported on the exact financial details of Jesse’s contract, but we can make some pretty educated guesses thanks to previous information about Chris Harrison’s salary. Which was, um, huge.

Chris allegedly made about $8 million per year hosting The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise—or about $2.6 million per show. But a few things to note:

  1. Jesse is hosting only *one season* of The Bachelor—at least so far. As Variety (who first reported news of his casting) put it: “As of now, Palmer is officially signed on for season 26 of The Bachelor, which will air in 2022. However, insiders explain that the idea is for Palmer to continue with the franchise in the future, both on the flagship Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but nothing is set in stone—and the network has not renewed either series beyond their next upcoming seasons.”

  2. The hosting format for Bachelor in Paradise is still “in flux” (fans loved the celeb guest hosts), so Jesse could be looking at hosting just Bachelor and Bachelorette. If this is the case, and if he was making Chris Harrison’s $2.6 million per season, he’d be getting $5.2 million per year. Buuuutttttt...

  3. Jesse probably isn’t making nearly as much as Chris did. While it’s possible this dude is getting $2.6 million for Clayton’s Bachelor season, that’d mean ABC is paying him what they paid Chris after 25 entire seasons of raises and contract negotiations. Which seems unlikely.

In my humble opinion, Jesse is probably making less than a mill for his rookie season, but let’s take a poll:

The Thing Is: His Net Worth Is Already Huge

Aside from being a former Bachelor star himself (which is a gig that pays over $100,000), Celebrity Net Worth reports that Jesse has a total net worth of $8 million.

HOW, you ask? First of all, he played for the New York Giants from 2001 to 2004, a job that typically pays hundreds of thousands of dollars per year (and well over over a million if you’re fancy). He also played for the 49ers and Montreal Alouettes before pivoting to sports coverage.

Photo credit: Chris Graythen - Getty Images
Photo credit: Chris Graythen - Getty Images

Jesse’s been working steadily as a commentator since 2005 for networks like Fox, DailyMailTV, and ESPN—and on top of that, he’s been moonlighting as a host for ABC, most recently on their show The Ultimate Surfer.

So yeah, he’s been busy/busy making money. Anyway, expect Jesse’s net worth to skyrocket because if he kills it on Clayton’s season of Bachelor and ABC hires him full-time, he’s looking at (potentially) making millions per year.

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