Lovie Smith on Texans getting top pick: Things work out the way they should in the end

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The Texans are currently in position to earn the first overall draft pick in 2023, but that spot is less secure thanks to their win over the Titans last weekend.

Should they win again in the final two weeks of the season, they may wind up with a better record than the Bears but head coach Lovie Smith said that’s not something that is on the mind of his team as they prepare to face the Jaguars and Colts. Smith said “if you compete, you compete to win” and everything else works out as it should.

“Everything is short-term. We have a short-term opponent, and we’re going to do everything we can to beat that opponent. Kind of simple as that,” Smith said, via DJ Bien-Amie of ESPN.com. “It’s what players do. One play at a time. It’s one game at a time, and you do the best you can do in that game. And that’s what we do here. That answers any other questions about any other direction you wanna go. It’s kind of simple as that. I think things work out the way they should in the end.”

Smith was the coach of a Buccaneers team that took a more proactive approach to landing the top pick at the end of the 2014 season. The Bucs pulled starters at halftime of a game they were winning in the final weekend of the season in order to improve their chances of landing Jameis Winston and they wound up losing to secure the top pick.

That didn’t result in any long-term success for the Bucs and it remains to be seen if the Texans will go down a similar path if it looks like they might win another game before the year is out.

Lovie Smith on Texans getting top pick: Things work out the way they should in the end originally appeared on Pro Football Talk