Lovie Smith reflects on Dameon Pierce’s development

Rookie running back Dameon Pierce has put the Houston Texans’ offense on his back in 2022. As one of the most productive first-year players in the league, he has exceeded all expectations through his first 10 games, even if his team’s record has left something to be desired.

Head coach Lovie Smith reflected on Pierce’s development in his final comments to the media on Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday. He told reporters that Pierce has been on-point since the first day he walked into the Texans facilities, and described him as a magnetic character with boundless potential.

“When he first got here, everyone can remember when Dameon [Pierce] came in the building because he will let you know about his presence when he gets here,” Smith explained. “You know, I loved him then. He was a breath of fresh air. It seemed like he’s a man on a mission then. That’s how he’s played. That’s how he’s played throughout. We know what type of effort he’s going to give.

“He’s had a lot of success too, I’m going to say, early on, in the first game. This past week, it’s good for young players to go through what we went through this past week where we didn’t get a lot done and couldn’t get the running game going. I know again, Wednesday practice, same guy, ready to go. Life of the party. All of that.”

Smith’s future with the team may be up in the air by the end of this season, but the long-tenured head coach knows a thing or two about running back development. His praise of Pierce has been well-earned by the rookie ball carrier, and as his impressive performances continue piling up, the national media will eventually catch on to his unique promise for the struggling Houston franchise.

Until then, Pierce will be the ace up Smith’s sleeve in scheming the Texans’ offense against opponents who may underestimate the punch that he packs with his elite effort and remarkable skillset as a hard-nosed runner.

Story originally appeared on Texans Wire