Lovebirds reveal how The Masters and golf brought them closer together

Lovebirds reveal how The Masters and golf brought them closer together

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The azaleas are blooming, the birds are chirping, it’s the 2nd day of the 88th Masters Tournament…it has to be true love.

We spoke with some lovebirds at Augusta National about how the tournament, and the game of golf, brought them closer.

It might be a cloudy day on the course, but love is in the air. Some patrons here with their “Aces” are taking a stroll down not Magnolia, but memory lane.

“We used to sunbathe on number 16 and it was nothing like this.”

Augusta natives Enon and Kay Hopkins have been coming to The Masters for over 6 decades.

They’ve made many memories here together over the years, and don’t plan on continuing the tradition.

“As long as we can walk. Yeah, we’re having a tough time walking, that’s why we got these chairs.”

One couple we spoke to has been married for 30 years, and traveled from Miami to be here.

“I got the golf bug and it was on my bucket list. And I got to come last year and experience it and I figured she was gonna love it since she’s all about golf now and plays about 3 or 4 times a week. So she’s enjoying it, and we wanted to take advantage this year and enjoy it again.”

For Frank and Maria Elena Gonzalez, golfing is a way to connect.

“It gives you an opportunity to bond with each other and with friends, and even with our family. Sometimes our daughter plays with us, so it’s not just the two of us but a family thing as well.”

For this couple from Kentucky, being able to experience this together was a long-time coming.

“He’s been trying to get the Masters tickets for 19 years. And he got me watching just golf in general, so it’s just been fun to watch and see players that I have started to love over time, all because he has allowed me into the world of golf,” said Miranda and Louie Scurlock.

And for Rick Goolsby, his wife being a golfer works out in his favor.

“It works out great for a husband to get to go play a lot of golf when your wife plays.”

It’s still a mystery how this place can evoke so many types of emotions, and we don’t think it’s meant to be understood…it’s just some sort of Masters magic.

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