Your Love Horoscope For The 2018 Chinese New Year, Based On Your Zodiac Animal Sign

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2018 Chinese New Year Of The Dog Chinese Zodiac Astrology Horoscope
2018 Chinese New Year Of The Dog Chinese Zodiac Astrology Horoscope

Happy Chinese New Year! Your 2018 Chinese New Year love horoscope is here for each of the animal zodiac signs in astrology.

What does the Year of the Dog have in store for you? Good luck and fortune perhaps, and maybe even love.

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It's easy to get excited when a new year begins. Each new year is a time of reflection, whether or not you personally celebrate the Chinese New Year or honor an animal zodiac sign.

A new beginning gives you a chance to start over and learn something of value to be a better person. 

In Chinese astrology, each zodiac animal sign has a special inner strength, and part of those traits might even seem familiar to you if you've studied western astrology and or Vedic astrology, zodiac signs or horoscopes. 

In 2017, it was the Year of the Rooster. Strong and bold, colorful and brave, the Rooster brought good fortune for you if you were born in a year where this was your horoscope.

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This year is the Year of the Dog. Who doesn't love the loyalty and compassion of this animal? Dogs are loyal and kind, caring and compassionate. No matter what, you can depend on the goodness of this animal sign. 

Not only can you embrace the earthy element of what the Dog in Chinese astrology represents, but you can also invite these astrology personality traits into you life. 

Wishing you good fortune during 2018 and the Year of the Dog. To find your Chinese horoscope go to the sign associated with your birth year. 

Here's what you can expect in 2018 based on your zodiac animal sign using Chinese astrology.

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THE RAT — 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960

Nothing fazes the Rat zodiac; you are too busy working hard and playing harder! 

This year your determination and work ethic will skyrocket, clearing the path towards your bigger life goals. You already did the heavy lifting, now it is time to enjoy your well deserved rewards.

The sign of the Rat and the Dog are not always compatible, but this year you can use the loyalty and steadfast nature of the Dog to make your complete your romantic life in 2018. 

If you find yourself single and ready to mingle this year, keep the lunar eclipse of July 27 in mind as a perfect time to make your move on that special someone you have had your eye on.

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THE OX — 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961

The sign of the Ox is true to the real deal; strong and dependable. Just like the similarly loyal Dog you need to be needed and appreciated for how much effort you put into relationships.

This year your friends, family, and love interests show their appreciation in all the right ways, especially near the solar eclipse of July 12. Good fortune flows in 2018 when you surround yourself with the right people and start working on the right plans.

Never be afraid if these plans going askew, some of the best memories come from happy mistakes! In the Year of the Rooster your love life took off passionately. Single Oxes dated up a storm and relationships flourished.

Start 2018 off romantically sound by taking it slow, getting to know your dates and enjoying the process. If you already have a significant other, allow yourself to get lost in the moment, forgetting your analytical nature.

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THE TIGER — 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962

2018 may crawl by for the energetic Tiger. Do not let the slow motion fool you, this year is chock full of happiness and opportunities for growth. Let your hair down a little and start opening up to the new people in your life.

The Year of the Dog is the time to learn how to take the back seat even though you are a natural born leader. Let the energy of the Dog find your chill, cool your infamous temper, and remember to have some fun with life and the relationships that blossom this year.

You have never lacked personality and charm, making the dating game an easy one. Dating this year will take on the pace of your year; a little slower.

But the ones that you find yourself drawn to this year will be incredibly loyal — something right up a Tiger’s fiercely devoted alley.

Bonds forged this year are made to last, especially near the solar eclipse of August 11.

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THE RABBIT — 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963

Rabbit, this is your year! Your sign and that of the Dog get along better than anyone, and your life will see tremendous growth as a result. Use the solar eclipse of July 12 to jumpstart your dreams for this new year.

This is a year to lay a stable foundation from your work to your financial situation. Have some fun with this year, get out of your wallflower comfort zone and meet some exciting people.

For those single Rabbits out there, this

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