‘All my love’: Beyoncé sends USC women’s basketball coach Staley flowers, congratulations

Following her third national championship, USC women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley received something else: flowers and a card from pop icon Beyoncé.

Staley posted a “thank you” video on her account on X, formally known as Twitter, with the caption “LOVE ON TOP!!” She read the note aloud:

“To Coach Staley and the entire South Carolina Gamecocks: Me and my family watched your games and cheered you on through the entire season,” Beyoncé wrote. “I am so proud of you. All my love.”

Staley was perched on chair next to vase of white blooms and a T-shirt from the pop star’s newest album, “Cowboy Carter.”

“Thank you, we appreciate you, we’re honored,” Staley said. “Keep inspiring, we love you.”

Another post on X showed Staley in a Beyoncé T-shirt.

“Headed to St. Louis with that ish on.........BEY,” she wrote.

The Gamecocks won the NCAA’s women’s basketball national championship on April 7 against the University of Iowa after an undefeated season, the third title during Staley’s 16-year tenure at USC.