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Time again to update the rules of etiquette at University of Louisville football games.

Everyone is familiar with fans who wind up at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium oblivious to what’s happening on the field. Some of the rules are for them, other for people who grate on the nerves of fellow fans, and a couple are just personal peeves.

The list has evolved over the years with suggestions from Card Game frequenters. Feel free to suggest additional rules:

  • Shut down the tailgating well before the game, be in your seat at kickoff (Howard Schnellenberger suggested an hour early).
  • Don’t walk in front of other fans in the middle of a play. (Nothing more clueless, exposing you as inconsiderate. Wait till the play is over, then make your move).
  • Know when to stand or not to stand (If you're the only one standing in the section, there's a problem).


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