Louisiana congressman says NFL should play a make-up Saints-Rams game on Saturday

Between erecting billboards, suing to force the NFL to replay the NFC championship game, refusing to acknowledge the Super Bowl in its current form, demanding a rule change from the league and raising enough of a ruckus to make the league relocate its referees, it’s safe to say New Orleans Saints fans are setting a new standard in outrage over a football game.

That anger reached Congress on Wednesday in more ways than one.

Currently mired in a government shutdown over a border wall that has left more than 800,000 government workers without a paycheck, House minority whip Steve Scalise, R-La., told TMZ on Wednesday that he believes the NFL should replay last Sunday’s Saints-Rams game that was tainted by an obvious penalty missed by the refs during a key moment of the game.

“This is a rule that they’ve got to revisit,” Scalise said. “Frankly, they should play a makeup game. If the Saints played the Rams on Saturday, I think it’d be the highest-watched sports event all year.”

Saints fans are never going to forget this call. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
Saints fans are never going to forget this call. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Scalise, a Saints fan, didn’t give any details on how the game should be played, but he does believe the team will be going to the Super Bowl some day, be it in Atlanta this year or Miami next year.

“We keep getting one step closer,” Scalise said. “Last year, it was one step before the championship game, this year NFC championship game, next year, Super Bowl. We should have been there this year.”

Now, before we proceed to the game’s next mention by a politician, let’s clear something up really quick.

Can the NFL re-do a playoff game on less than a week’s notice?


There are so, so many reasons this idea won’t be happening, including the sheer numbers of workers required to put on a single NFL game, finding a venue at which to play it on days’ notice (the Saints don’t own the Superdome), the fact that the Rams are currently preparing for the Super Bowl, and the lack of precedent for any sports league ever doing anything like this.

We will now be moving on.

Another congressman (maybe) jokes about forcing Roger Goodell hearing

Scalise wasn’t alone in expressing his ire over the game on Capitol Hill, as House assistant majority whip Cedric Richmond, D-La., told a reporter that he’s discussed bringing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell before the House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee.

Of course, it was implied that Richmond might have been joking when he said that, but this statement Richmond subsequently released sure seemed serious about him potentially questioning Goodell.

Richmond might not have much luck with that effort though. After all, the new chairman of the antitrust committee is from … Rhode Island, deep inside Patriots country.

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