Louis Riddick: ‘Something is not right’ with Dwayne Haskins’ decision-making

Matt Weyrich
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Riddick: ‘Something is not right’ with Haskins’ decision-making originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Dwayne Haskins may have gotten the opportunity to start against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, but that’s hasn’t erased his off-the-field mistakes from the minds of football analysts.

ESPN’s Monday Night Football color commentator Louis Riddick appeared on Get Up this week and talked about how discouraged he was by the lack of growth displayed by Haskins. The second-year quarterback was fined and stripped of his captaincy by the Washington Football Team earlier this week for breaking COVID-19 protocols.

“I couldn’t be more disappointed to be perfectly honest with you,” Riddick said. “This is a guy who I’ve had a lot of hope for, I’ve put a lot of support behind, because I do think he is a wonderful talent as far as playing quarterback is concerned. But something is not right as far as the choices that he’s making, the attention to detail that he is administering in his career and how this all meshing together down there.”

Head coach Ron Rivera benched Haskins after Washington got off to a 1-3 start and he subsequently went down with than illness that forced the team to list him as inactive for the following game. He didn’t play again until Week 14, when Alex Smith went down with a calf injury. Haskins led Washington to a 23-15 win over the San Francisco 49ers that day before having an up-and-down performance in a 20-15 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

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However, Haskins has faced questions about his maturity since being drafted out of Ohio State at 22 years old. He was already fined for breaking COVID-19 protocols earlier this season for attempting to sneak guests into the team hotel while Washington was on the road. As a rookie, he was criticized for showing up later than most of his teammates on gamedays and once took a selfie with fans on the field while a game was still going on.

“Look, I have been very critical of the organization itself in terms of how they arrived at the decision to draft him and the subsequent support or lack thereof that they have put behind him and I think that’s been well-documented on my behalf,” Riddick said. “But these kind of decisions right here at this point in time in the season given the landscape that we’re dealing with from a societal perspective are just unexcusable.

“That’s just unfathomable to me that you can do that, and it’s very disappointing. I’m hoping it’s something he can learn from because his future to me is not going to be in Washington but this is extremely, extremely disappointing for me.”