Louis Riddick on Redskins handling of Dwayne Haskins: 'That young man is being set up for failure'

JP Finlay
NBC Sports Washington

Louis Riddick unloaded on the Redskins for how the organization handled the NFL debut of rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins on Sunday in a 24-3 loss to the New York Giants

"Dwayne Haskins going into that game was really one of the worst decisions I've seen this year as far as how people handle young quarterbacks," Riddick said.

His comments during ESPN's Monday Night Countdown show where Riddick serves as an analyst, though many Redskins fans remember Riddick as a former scout and Director of Player Personnel for Washington in the mid-2000s.

Prior to the 2019 NFL Draft, Riddick spoke highly of Haskins and kept that up after Washington took the Ohio State quarterback with the 15th overall pick. And clearly, Riddick did not think it was fair for Haskins to get his first taste of regular-season NFL action late in the second quarter of an NFC East division game. 

"All we've heard from the Washington coaching staff is 'He wasn't ready,'" Riddick said of Haskins. "That's why Case Keenum has been playing. Case Keenum should have been made to finish that game. He started it, he should finish it."

Riddick explained that with Trent Williams, Jordan Reed, Terry McLaurin and others absent for the Giants game, it was a bad spot for Haskins to come in. With three interceptions in the second half, Haskins' performance reflected that analysis.

Before the Redskins went to Haskins, Keenum was playing terribly. In his last six quarters of football, Keenum has six turnovers. That would get just about any quarterback benched. Still, the manner that Gruden brought in Haskins did not sit well with Riddick. At all. 

"Do you think Dwayne Haskins feels totally supported in this process? These are the kinds of things I talk about all the time, setting people up for success," Riddick said. "That young man right now is being set up for failure. Dan Snyder needs to recognize that."


Louis Riddick on Redskins handling of Dwayne Haskins: 'That young man is being set up for failure' originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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