Was the loss to Arsenal an 'upset'?

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Chris from Newport asked: I get that newspapers and pundits need to sell a story, but let's not pretend that was anything other than a poor and calamitous performance from Liverpool.

Arsenal deserved to win yesterday, but it wasn't the upset the papers are claiming and certainly hasn't 'blown the title race wide open'.

Phil answered: It was certainly a very poor performance from Liverpool yesterday, Chris. It was one I wasn’t expecting, but maybe they were just due an off-day after only losing one Premier League game this season, a very contentious one at Spurs in September. They are still in a magnificent position in the hunt for four trophies.

I don't agree that it has 'blown the title race wide open' because Liverpool are still top. It has made it a lot tighter, but wasn’t that always going to happen anyway?

Arsenal beating Liverpool at Emirates Stadium should never be regarded as an 'upset', no more than Liverpool beating Arsenal there should be regarded as an 'upset' either. Any result can happen in those games.

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