Los Angeles Rams Sued Over Concession Stand Fight That Left One Fan with a Brain Injury

Daniel Goldblatt
LA Coliseum Rams
LA Coliseum Rams

Two Los Angeles Rams fans are suing the team claiming they failed to properly protect them when a fight broke out in a concession stand line during a big game, leaving one with a broken nose and another with a brain injury.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, two separate people have filed lawsuits against the team and the company that provides security for the Los Angeles Coliseum. The two plaintiffs, Peter Bergin and Rebecca Tabacznik, did not know each other before the alleged incident took place.

Barry Novack, the attorney for both plaintiffs, tells The Blast that Bergin and Tabacznik were in line at a concession stand on September 27, 2018 during the Rams game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Novack says that Bergin’s girlfriend was being accosted by a drunk fan when the guy reared pack to punch her. Bergin claims he stepped in and took the blow to the face himself, causing him to fall back into Tabacznik.

According to the lawyer, Bergin’s fall caused Tabacznik, who was standing next to him, to fall as well. He says she hit her head on the concrete floor. Novack says that Tabacznik suffered a brain injury while Bergin broke his nose and dislocated his knee when he fell.


Novack tells The Blast, “The man that approached and struck Mr. Bergen was very intoxicated, and obviously served way more alcohol then he should have, which caused him to be a danger to those around him.”

In addition, the lawyer says the Los Angeles Rams did not have security cameras in place and did not have enough security in the area to deter such violence. The game was marred by at least one other instance of a massive fight in the stands between Rams and Vikings fans.

Both plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages.

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