The Los Angeles Clippers do not have much respect for Ryan Hollins’ interview time (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

When you're Ryan Hollins, you don't get a ton of opportunities to conduct postgame interviews; end-of-the-rotation centers on their sixth team in seven years don't tend to be frequent targets for locker room commentary and analysis. So when you have a solid game — 10 points, seven rebounds and three blocks in 20 minutes off the bench — to help your new team, the Los Angeles Clippers, score an 88-71 preseason win over the Golden State Warriors, and Clippers TV reporter Madelyn Burke wants to talk to you, even after an exhibition game, it's a cool, relatively rare moment.

Unfortunately for Hollins, teammates Trey Thompkins, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin were there to share it with him.

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"My teammates are doing a great job of making me comfortable."


Better be careful, interrupting Clippers. It's all fun, games and hazing now, but you wouldn't want to loose the beast caged inside Ryan Hollins.

Also: The bathroom's down the hall to your right, guys. You've been here how many years now, and you still don't know that? Jeez, pay attention.

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