In The Loop: Sue Bird costume, Avery Williamson's jackpot trade

Alexa Shaw
·1 min read

In The Loop: Sue Bird costume, Williamson's jackpot trade originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Here are some of the best moments going on in the sports world right now.

Starting off, in the spirit of Halloween this weekend we saw fans on social media dressing up as their favorite athletes. This young fan dressed up as WNBA superstar Sue Bird. From the shoes to the googles she captured the whole look. 

Next up, sticking with the Halloween theme right winger for the Washington Capitals Tom Wilson and his girlfriend, Taylor, used their dog as a prop for their costumes this year. Their dog, Halle, was "security" for their 21+ club. I think this wins the most creative costume this year! 

Finally, LB Avery Williamson was recently traded from the Jets to the Steelers and he addressed the trade on social media with a post calling a cab to Pittsburgh. This was quite the New York exit. Williamson goes from a zero-win team to an undefeated team! 

That’s the latest going on in the sports world right now.