'Looks like players have given up' on 'baffling' Adams reign

Ross County players look like they have "given up" playing for Derek Adams, nd his reign has been "baffling", according to The Athletic's Jordan Campbell.

"To come and say that the team bottom of League Two with the smallest budget is miles better than the players that he's coaching, I don't think that's going to be on any coaching courses in the years to come as a motivational tool," Campbell said on the BBC's Scottish Football Podcast.

I don't know what the conversations were that he expected in the dressing room after that, but it's not going to encourage buy-in for the players. I mean, you watched that last night. It looked like the players had given up by the end, there were people walking in the fourth and fifth goal. That's never a great sign when you see the body language go like that. Could have been six or seven, to be honest

They have two points from the last 18 since that comment, and going out the Scottish Cup to Partick Thistle in such a convincing fashion, it really does look like they're on the slide. And the only thing really saving Derek Adams I think is that Livingston look like they're finally sort of catching up with the budget constraints they've got.

And it might be a step too far for them this year. So I think that's the only thing really, you know, making his time look slightly less disastrous than it has been the last couple of months.