LOOK: Twitter reacts to Najee Harris hurdling a defender for a TD

Former Alabama running back Najee Harris was a wildly athletic player in college and that athleticism directly translated to the NFL. The 2021 first-round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers is still performing impressive moves to help his team.

In a matchup at home against the Cincinnati Bengals, went on a 20-yard touchdown run, but earning those six points was no easy task. Close to the goal line, Harris was met by a Bengals defender who tried to tackle him and prevent the touchdown.

The thing about Harris is, defenders can be evaded via the air.

While at Alabama, Harris had a handful of headline-worthy hurdles. That trend continues at the professional level and Twitter went wild for it.

Here’s what fans are saying about Najee Harris’s hurdle for a touchdown.

Defender never had a chance

He's arrived

Makes it look too easy

Doesn't matter who it is, he'll hurdle them

Some say he still hasn't landed

Got the stopwatch ready for the next one

Now departing from Pittsburgh: Air Najee

Who else?

Don't let him get hot

Must not be too familiar with his game

Hang it in the Louvre

Found his stride

Story originally appeared on Roll Tide Wire