Look how they've grown! Beyoncé shows off rare photo of her nearly 1-year-old twins

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While the world has seen plenty of Beyoncé lately, one aspect of her queendom has been in short supply — and that’s photos of her twin babies, Sir and Rumi.

Bey and husband Jay-Z delighted fans during opening night of their worldwide “On the Run II Tour” on June 6 in Cardiff, Wales, by displaying an updated shot of the adorable twins on the jumbo screen.

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In the photo, the singer is cradling her little ones, who are just a few days shy of turning 1 (the big day is June 12). It’s a clear parallel to the iconic shot she shared last summer when she showed off the babies shortly after their birth. Sir and Rumi, of course, have grown quite a bit since then!

To make things even more fun, fans were also treated to a shot of Dad holding the twins — the first such picture publicly shared to date.

(Image: Twitter)
(Image: Twitter)

Big sister Blue Ivy was not shown, but there are plenty of dates left on the road for that. The 6-year-old has a seasoned public-appearance résumé already, so it wouldn’t be out of the question that she might even venture onstage to join her famous parents.

The power couple have been stingy about sharing special family moments, but they do have a history of offering up behind-the-scenes glimpses here and there. Back in 2014, on their original “On the Run Tour,” the pair shared never-before-seen footage from their 2008 wedding, which allowed fans to witness their ceremonial vows and also take a peep at Bey’s gown.

The “On the Run II Tour” will make several more stops around Europe this month before hitting the United States in July.

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