LOOK: What is social media saying about Mike Norvell and Alabama?

Alabama is on the hunt for a new head football coach. Read that sentence over again. Nick Saban has officially announced his retirement at the age of 72 after spending the last 17 years in Tuscaloosa. Now, his role must be filled.

Fans of programs all over the nation have long awaited a day when Saban is no longer dominating college football. However, some of those fans failed to realize it may be their team’s coach who is chosen to replace the G.O.A.T. as the head coach of the Crimson Tide.

One coach whose name has been popping up in rumors, reports and conversations is Mike Norvell, the head coach of the Florida State Seminoles.

Tally to T-Town soon?

There's an interesting relationship between these programs

Some sources already have him linked to the Tide?


Some may not be happy with Norvell

Interesting way to address the rumors

Landing a transfer = not leaving

Would fans go back on their takes?

It would be an unexpected pairing

Already thinking ahead... just in case

Would they come back?

Seems reasonable!

"Get out of the ACC before his team can"

Sexton was on Alabama's campus today

Patiently waiting for the first domino to fall

Norvell may be on the move, but not to Alabama...

We can roll with that

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