LOOK: Social media heats up over Alabama’s reported interest in Kalen DeBoer

With Nick Saban stepping down from the head coaching role at Alabama, the Crimson Tide football program is hunting for a new head coach. Filling the seat of a legend who held it for 17 years is no easy task, but some fans think they know who might be up to the task.

In the brief time since Saban announced his retirement, a number of names have been floated. Oregon head coach Dan Lanning was a favorite at one point, but he shut down those rumors on Thursday afternoon. Mike Norvell of Florida State has also received significant buzz.

However, it feels like the focus of the fans has shifted to Kalen DeBoer, the head coach of the Washington Huskies. Would he be willing to head to Tuscaloosa just a few days after losing in the national championship?

Social media chimes in.

They keep Dan Lanning AND get rid of DeBoer from the conference?!

Charles is all in on DeBoer

Is DeBoer ready to work with Saban?

Things appear to be going ... well

Joel Klatt is locked in

Bill Gates to the rescue?

Not a big DeBoer fan

Is recruiting a concern?

DeBoer using this as an opportunity?

Yeah because DeBoer is a lot tougher than Tagovailoa

Mike Norvell post means Kalen is Tuscaloosa bound

Interesting comparison

Story originally appeared on Roll Tide Wire