LOOK: Sean Payton on set for ‘Home Team’ cameo with Kevin James

Sean Payton’s 2012 suspension from the NFL has become the subject of a Netflix feature starring Kevin James from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, and the New Orleans Saints coach has given the team more than his blessing — he’s dressing up for a cameo, as seen in a TMZ Sports photo gallery from the “Home Team” film set.

The story centers on Payton’s experience coaching his son’s Pop Warner team while suspended following the NFL’s “Bountygate” debacle, in which the Super Bowl-winning coach dealt with frustrations like working with children and the complex single wing offense; Payton later joked about calling his mentor Bill Parcells and peer Jon Gruden for advice.

As for Payton’s cameo: we’re short on details, but he appears to be wearing a mechanic’s uniform (codename: Lionel) and one of the worst wigs I’ve ever seen. If he was trying to one-up Drew Brees’ getup for Undercover Boss a few years back, he fell far short of the mark. Maybe his acting chops can make up for it.


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