LOOK. Ohio State marching band enjoys private screening of Top Gun: Maverick

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When Tom Cruise takes notice of something you do and gives you a shout on social media, it’s worth a humble brag or two. In the case of the Ohio State Marching band, the world-famous actor took note of a Top Gun routine from the band last season and not only reacted on Twitter, but sent t-shirts, other memorabilia, and a note to the band in recognition of what he saw.

But he also took it a step further, offering to set up a private screening of his new movie, Top Gun: Maverick. Needless to say, TBDBITL was over the moon with the recognition and opportunity to see what might be this summer’s blockbuster movie before anyone else.

Cruise made good on that promise last Friday and the Ohio State Marching Band Twitter account documented the event with a short video. They obviously can’t show any part of the movie, but needless to say, it looks like there were a lot of satisfied movie-goers coming out from all the action.

I have to tell you, I am super geeked about seeing this one. As a kid that remembers the original Top Gun as maybe the movie of my childhood, I’m beside myself.

Hopefully, it’s just as worth it as what the OSU marching band believes it was.


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