A look at Flyers' odds for upcoming 2024 NHL draft lottery

A look at Flyers' odds for upcoming 2024 NHL draft lottery originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Flyers have two first-round selections in the 2024 NHL draft.

In about a week and a half, they'll learn the position of their top overall pick.

The 2024 NHL draft lottery is Tuesday, May 7, in Secaucus, New Jersey. ESPN will broadcast the event. The start time will be announced next week.

In 2023-24, the Flyers lost nine of their last 11 games (2-7-2) and were eliminated from the playoff race on the final day of their regular season. They're now slotted to draft at No. 12 overall if they don't climb or fall in the lottery.

The Flyers have a 2.5 percent chance to finish with the first lottery drawing. However, they can't win the top overall pick. In March 2021, the league modified the lottery format, which now makes only the top 11 seeds eligible to receive the first overall pick. A team can only jump 10 spots, so the highest the Flyers can pick is at No. 2.

They are most likely to stay at No. 12. Per, here are the Flyers' odds for each pick:

• No. 2 — 5.1 percent
• No. 3 — 0.1 percent
• No. 4 — 0.1 percent
• No. 12 — 85.7 percent
• No. 13 — 8.9 percent
• No. 14 — 0.2 percent

On May 7, there will be a lottery drawing for both the No. 1 and No. 2 selections. Once the top two spots are drawn, the remaining teams will be slotted in the order of their regular-season finish.

Here are the chances for each lottery club at winning the first overall draw:

• Sharks — 18.5 percent
• Blackhawks — 13.5 percent
• Ducks — 11.5 percent
• Blue Jackets — 9.5 percent
• Canadiens — 8.5 percent
• Utah — 7.5 percent
• Senators — 6.5 percent
• Kraken — 6.0 percent
• Flames — 5.0 percent
• Devils — 3.5 percent
• Sabres — 3.0 percent
• Flyers — 2.5 percent
• Wild — 2.0 percent
• Penguins (Sharks if pick is not in top 10) — 1.5 percent
• Red Wings — 0.5 percent
• Blues — 0.5 percent

Right now, the Flyers have 10 selections in the draft, which is expected to be held June 28-29 in Las Vegas.

Last summer, the Flyers made 10 picks, a draft class that was headlined by seventh overall selection Matvei Michkov.

Two summers ago, the Flyers picked in the top five for the first time since 2017. They took Cutter Gauthier at fifth overall. The Flyers were forced to trade him this January because he did not want to play for the organization.

The last time the Flyers finished with a pick in the top three overall was 2017, when they improbably climbed from the 13th position to No. 2 overall. They had a 2.4 percent chance at the second pick that summer and landed it, selecting Nolan Patrick out of the WHL.

The center's time in Philadelphia did not pan out the way some had hoped and anticipated. Following a 30-point rookie season and a 31-point Year 2, Patrick missed all of 2019-20 as he battled a migraine disorder. After playing 52 of 56 games in the shortened 2020-21 campaign, Patrick was dealt away in the July 2021 Ryan Ellis trade.

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