LOOK: Fans react to former Alabama forward Herb Jones’ posterizing dunk over former Auburn forward Jabari Smith Jr.

It did not take long for former Alabama forward Herb Jones to meet former Auburn forward Jabari Smith Jr. at the rim on Thursday night. Jones and Smith Jr. guarded one another the majority of the night.

With just under five minutes remaining in the first half, Jones glided in for what appeared to be an easy slam dunk. At the last moment, Smith Jr. jumped up to try and swat the ball out of Jones’ hands. However, he was unsuccessful and subsequently fouled Jones in the act. Jones would also convert on the dunk attempt.

The dunk stirred up a lot of reactions on social media. Roll Tide Wire takes closer look at how fans reacted to Jones’ dunk over Smith Jr. in Thursday night’s contest.

Alabama fans would agree.

The rivalry continues even at the professional level.

Poster-esque dunk

Like Mike

He sure did.

Through contact and all

Herb the menace

Don't we all

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