LOOK: Bo Nix Heisman campaign spreads to New York Times

It all started with Oregon Ducks quarterback Bo Nix hovering above a street block in downtown New York City a couple of weeks ago. Then the movement spread to Dallas, where Nix could be seen winding up for a deep ball in the larger metro area.

Now the Heisman Trophy campaign for Nix has hit the Sunday edition of the New York Times.

Word about the full-page advertisement that the Oregon Ducks purchased came out over the weekend, where Nix’s now popular ‘Bodacious’ ad took up some major print in one of the most popular newspapers in the nation. The print is identical to the billboard that went up in Manhattan earlier this month.

Many naysayers and critics have claimed over the past couple of weeks that these billboards and advertisements are doing very little to sway Heisman voters. However, it’s clear to anyone with a bit of common sense to see that the recent push for Nix isn’t meant to up his Heisman stock, but rather to be used as a massive recruiting tool for the Ducks, and grab some headlines before a highly anticipated 2023 season for Dan Lanning and Co.

I wrote this about the billboards last week:

Whether you like the billboard campaign or not isn’t the point. The fact is that before a single snap of college football has taken place in the 2023 season, the Oregon Ducks have stolen the news cycle and been at the forefront of the conversation in college football. There may not be hoards of blue-chip recruits traveling through downtown Manhattan that look up and see Nix’s image towering above them. Dallas is a bigger recruiting hotbed, but it doesn’t matter if even a single 5-star recruit witnesses the ‘Bodacious’ billboard in the flesh.

Kids see the images on social media, and they hear the narrative online. They are thinking about Oregon, and they know that if they end up going to Eugene and succeeding for the Ducks, an opportunity exists for them to be marketed in a similar fashion. They can believe that one day, they too can tower over the general public in a marketing campaign, larger than life.

So will we see the Nix advertisements pop up anywhere else over the next few days leading up to the season? Who knows, but Oregon fans should keep their eyes peeled.

Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire