LOOK: Bill O’Brien’s national championship offensive play-calling under scrutiny

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The college football season has come to a close and the Georgia Bulldogs are the national champions, ending a title drought lasting over four decades. There are numerous things that went wrong for Alabama in the championship game, but Twitter users are pointing out Bill O’Brien’s play-calling.

Stetson Bennett looked stellar against the Crimson Tide defense, but he did in the SEC Championship game, as well. The only difference is that he managed to score more points than Alabama in the title game.

So how was he able to get more points up on the board? Well, the Crimson Tide had an extremely difficult time getting the ball into the end zone. In fact, Bryce Young and the rest of the offense only managed to get one touchdown, all other points for Alabama were courtesy of kicker Will Reichard.

College football experts, analysts and fans have taken to Twitter to call out first-year Alabama offensive coordinator O’Brien for his questionable decisions.

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