Longtime Boston broadcaster Mike Gorman puts 2022-23 Celtics in context

When it comes to a comprehensive knowledge of the Boston Celtics in the postseason, there are few among us who can claim to have witnessed more such games with a critical eye than longtime Celtics broadcaster Mike Gorman. And the veteran play-by-play announcer had some strong feelings to share about this iteration of the team he covers in regard to Boston’s postseason odds.

Speaking on a recent episode of 98.5’s “Toucher and Rich” show, Gorman said via Heavy’s Adam Taylor that the “Celtics winning as much as they did last year has nothing to do with how far they might go this year. Nothing.”

“It will depend upon who is healthy, who’s who is playing well, and who they draw in the playoffs,” he added.

“It has nothing to do with the fact that they have a right to be in the championship because they got as far as they did last year,” continued the Celtics broadcaster.

“That is all unfair pressure to put on any coach, team, or individual. In the upcoming playoffs, the Celtics will find themselves in situations where the other side will be as good as they are. Or maybe it’s better.”

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire