Longtime area photographer throws first pitch for Larch Mountain Little League opening ceremony

Apr. 15—The sun was shining on the Larch Mountain Little League players as they lined the field at Tenino City Park on Saturday morning.

Each year, the organization, combining Rochester and Tenino, holds an opening ceremony with a first pitch to kick off the season.

Longtime area photographer Robin Kristiansen and his wife Jennifer Kristiansen were honored during the opening ceremony Saturday for their years of dedication and involvement in the community.

Before throwing the first pitch, Robin Kristiansen gave a speech telling all of the players and family members to enjoy every moment of their time spent at the fields.

"Make the most of this time, play hard, be a team player," Kristiansen said.

Kristiansen ended the speech by yelling "HIT, RUN, SCORE," as the crowd repeated after him.

Once a Rochester school counselor and youth coach, Kristiansen has photographed Larch Mountain Little League for multiple decades, including former Rochester student Andrea Knutson, who caught the first pitch.

"They're still a part of our league and they will always be a part of our league," Knutson said of Robin and Jennifer Kristiansen.