What are the longest runs by a QB in the last 25 years?

Barry Werner
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The Giants’ Daniel Jones went for an 80-yard jaunt Thursday to add his name to the list of quarterbacks with epic runs. Who are some of the other signal-callers to take off on long-distance journeys?

Terrelle Pryor

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In 2013 the Oakland Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor went 93 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers … on the first play from scrimmage. “I heard the crowd cheering, I kind of looked at D-Mac and he looked like he was 5 or 6 yards downfield,” center Stefen Wisniewski said, per Bay Area News Group. “I was like, ‘Are we that excited about a 5- or 6-yard gain? “Sure enough, I look up and Pryor’s at the 50 with no one around him and I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s why they’re cheering. Sweet.'”

Colin Kaepernick

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In 2014, Colin Kaepernick went 90 yards for the 49ers against the San Diego Chargers. With less than three minutes remaining in the third quarter, the Niners faced a second-and-6 from their own 10-yard line. Facing pressure from San Diego’s pass rushers, Kaepernick stepped up, evaded a tackler, and sprinted 90 yards to the end zone.

Marcus Mariota

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In 2015, Marcus Mariota couldn’t find an open receiver on a 3rd-and-7 from the Titans’ 13-yard line midway through the fourth quarter, so he took off. The Titans quarterback avoided a tackle near the line of scrimmage and followed his blockers all the way down the field to paydirt.

Kordell Stewart


In Week 17 of the 1996 season, Kordell Stewart out-ran the entire Carolina Panthers defense for an 80-yard touchdown run, the longest run by a quarterback in NFL history at that time.

Daniel Jones

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Daniel Jones took off against the Eagles and looked going, going, gone. Until he was down on the turf. falling on his own.

Steve Bono

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“In four previous games, they hadn’t shown a bootleg,” outside linebacker Seth Joyner said after Steve Bono faked a handoff to Marcus Allen, then took off on the longest scoring run by a quarterback in NFL history in 1995. The slow-footed Bono circled to his right while Allen was being wrestled down and ran, in apparent disbelief, untouched along the sideline for the Chiefs.

Robert Griffin III

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With Washington clinging to a five-point lead late in a 2012 game versus the Vikings, heralded rookie Robert Griffin III scrambled towards the left sideline before breaking into an all-out sprint on a 76-yard scoring run. Game over. 38-26 Washington.