Long Tyler Boyd TD stretches Bengals lead to 14-6

The Jets sent the house after Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow on the final play of the first quarter, but the rush didn’t get there before Burrow delivered a strike to wide receiver Tyler Boyd.

Boyd caught the ball and ran through a hit by Jets safety Jordan Whitehead on his way to a 56-yard touchdown. The score ended a run of Jets points and stretched the Bengals lead to 14-6 as the quarter came to an end.

Burrow is now 11-of-15 for 163 yards and two touchdowns while Boyd has three catches for 91 yards. The Bengals opened the game with a touchdown and their second drive ended with a Ja'Marr Chase fumble.

The Jets looked like they’d get out of the third drive unscathed as well, but defensive end John Franklin-Myers hit Burrow late on a third down to give the Bengals new hope.

Long Tyler Boyd TD stretches Bengals lead to 14-6 originally appeared on Pro Football Talk