Long before realizing her World Cup dreams, Rose Lavelle dressed up like her hero Mia Hamm

As a little girl in Cincinnati, Rose Lavelle dreamed of representing the United States at the World Cup just like her hero Mia Hamm.

Sixteen years later, Lavelle got to live her dream as one of the heroes of the U.S. women’s national team’s gold medal-winning effort at the World Cup in France.

Back in 2003 as an 8-year-old third-grader at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School, Lavelle’s class was tasked with presenting a book report about a personal hero. And since the project was assigned close to Halloween, part of the assignment was dressing the part.

As revealed in a Facebook post from her school, Lavelle chose Hamm.

As a third-grader in Cincinnati, Rose Lavelle wore a costume of her hero, Mia Hamm.
As a third-grader in Cincinnati, Rose Lavelle wore a costume of her hero, Mia Hamm (via St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic School).

“Once upon a time, this little girl dressed up as her hero, Mia Hamm, for a book-sharing project. Today, this amazing woman won her own gold medal, wearing the number 16, as part of the United States National Women’s Team that won their 4th World Cup Championship AND she won the Bronze Ball as the third-best player in the tournament!” wrote school principal Mikki Dunkley.

“Now, little girls everywhere look up to her, and will be working hard to become like Rose. Here’s to you, Rose Lavelle, and the entire Lavelle Family. The St. Vincent Ferrer School and Church Community are so proud of you!”

How cool is that?

Lavelle, now 24, became a star soccer player in high school and went onto the University of Wisconsin on a scholarship. Before long, she was making her mark as a member of the national team. She made her debut in international competition in 2017 and made the roster for the 2018 CONCACAF championship.

From there, Lavelle cemented her place on the World Cup roster and scored a highlight-reel goal in the 69th minute of the World Cup final, sealing a 2-0 victory over the Netherlands to give the U.S. its fourth World Cup title.

Dream big, kids.

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