Logansport to move to Class 3A in four-class sports

Apr. 2—Logansport will make a move to Class 3A in the four-class sports for the 2024-25, 2025-26 school years, the IHSAA announced Tuesday.

When enrollment numbers were announced earlier this year, there was speculation Logansport might be the smallest Class 4A school even with the new enrollment rules. But instead it will be the largest Class 3A school in the four-class sports.

Logansport, being the 81st largest school in the state with 1,226 students, moves to Class 3A. The 80th largest school, East Central, with an enrollment of 1,241, will be the smallest Class 4A school.

The four-class sports of baseball, basketball, softball and volleyball are being classified using a new 20-25-25-30 ratio that was approved by the IHSAA Executive Committee last June. That plan places the largest 20% of schools in Class 4A, the next 25% in Class 3A, the next 25% in 2A and the smallest 30% in Class 1A. Additionally, classifying the four-class sports will be based on the entire membership total and not only those schools participating in each sport effectively keeping sectional alignments similar across each sport.

Football (six classes) and soccer (three classes) are not affected and will continue as they have in previous years.

Tournament Success Factor points have been totaled over the last two years and specific teams placed in their appropriate class in each sport.

Sectional groupings for each sport (except for softball and baseball) will be announced later this spring following approval of the IHSAA Executive Committee. Softball and baseball sectional groupings will be released in August following the committee's first meeting of the new school year.

One school that joined the IHSAA membership in the last four years would become eligible for state tournament participation — pending Executive Committee approval — during the two-year period. KIPP Indy Legacy would be eligible beginning in 2024-25.

Logansport will remain in Class 4A in football.

Pioneer and Carroll will compete in Class 1A in the four-class sports. Those two schools will compete in Class 1A in football as well.

Winamac will compete in Class 1A in football and in Class 2A in the four-class sports.

Logansport athletic director Brian Strong was a member of the Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association which recommended a change to the four-class system and the IHSAA Executive Committee that implemented the 20-25-25-30 ratio.

"I'm excited as an athletic administrator in the state, I'm excited to see and hear that people are listening and willing to look at our class system and make adjustments," Strong said. "If competitive balance is what we need and that's what they've told us by going to class sports, I think we've always got to be listening to the membership and seeing how we can do that.

"We've been doing this since 1997 and this is the first real major adjustment to our class system. Yeah, we've put in the success factor which I think was a good thing. But this has been the first real look at how teams are classified and adjustments to that, and I think that it paves the way to continue to look and see what's best for our state."