Logan Paulsen looking ahead to Bieniemy offense for Commanders

Logan Paulsen and Craig Hoffman conversed on their Take Command Podcast regarding what Eric Bieniemy’s Commanders offense might look like this upcoming season.

Paulsen initially pointed out that from a particular motion by Travis Kelce, the Chiefs were able to force the defenders to switch coverage responsibilities. (They) mess with their rules, mess with their alignment/coverages.

“Another alignment the Chiefs offense liked was motion into a 3 by 1, now giving an offense a 4 by 1 look (four receivers on one side of the field and a lone fifth receiver on the other side of the field). This forces the middle linebacker to shift to the “4 receiver side”, and the slant on the opposite side now is wide open.”

“There is a ton of stuff they do really well. I mean, it’s all high-level. It’s the best offense in football for the last couple of years. I think the philosophical element is so valuable here because it does create easier throws, easier looks, easier opportunities for the quarterback.”

“What takes them from a top 20 offense to a top 5 offense is Patrick Mahomes, his ability to do that special stuff, he extends plays, finds big plays, elevates the whole group. And that is an important thing to acknowledge here as well.”

The discussion is only 13 minutes in length and is well worth your time.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire