Logan Paulsen: ‘Jacoby Brissett is the perfect fit for Commanders’

Logan Paulsen really likes the Jacoby Brissett deal for the Washington Commanders.

Here is the entire discussion of Paulsen and Craig Hoffman.

Here is a sampling of the reaction by Paulsen to the Brissett signing:

“I think he (Brissett) has starter upside. He could be a starter given the right situation. He can win you games, he can be the consummate teammate.”

“He’s been in tough situations, he’s won games, he’s led teams.”

“To me he is the perfect guy, he’s in the NFL for these situations, these opportunities. And because he knows that, he can be the perfect mentor for Sam Howell.”

“You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit. He is good enough to win some games, he can teach, he understands his role, this is the perfect signing for the team.”

“Everything I have heard about Brissett is so high level from a teammate standpoint.”

Paulsen feels Ron Rivera will tell Brissett, “Hey, you are going to have an opportunity to compete, but just so you know, we are very high on the young guy, and we think he has a lot of potential to be something special.”

“It’s probably going to be a competition, but not an even competition.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire