Logan Paulsen concerned Sam Howell could be in trouble

Logan Paulsen says he is going on past history; thus, he is concerned regarding Sam Howell’s first NFL start.

Howell will not only be making his initial NFL start, but it will be against the Dallas Cowboys, who have a good pass rush and have wreaked havoc on the Washington offensive line the last three times the teams have met.

“How many times has a fifth-round rookie come in and played well?” Paulsen asked Craig Hoffman Friday on the “Take Command” podcast.  “I can’t think of any.”

Paulsen was quick to point out for those who answer 49ers rookie Brock Purdy, that Kyle Shanahan schemes up and protects his rookie quarterback quite well.

“The preseason stuff makes me a little nervous,” expressed Paulsen. “Classic stuff that gets young quarterbacks in trouble.”

I agree with Paulsen here. I, too, recognized during the preseason Howell was making plays that were off schedule, but I didn’t notice much of him planting his foot on the third or fifth drop step and getting rid of it quickly. I noticed Howell running around and taking off on a run when he could. Perhaps too much.

“In the preseason, he was playing against guys that might not even be in the league anymore. You can get away with some of that stuff. But against the Dallas Cowboys, the window is going to be extremely tight.”

“I am just worried for the kid. I’m worried for him. That is where this comes from,” Paulsen clarified to Hoffman. “I want to see him because he is incredibly talented. He’s got the arm, the release, the athleticism.”

“But the stuff he showed me (preseason) makes me think he is farther away. He is not Malik Willis far. But he is farther away than many people think.

Howell lacked good anticipation, and his accuracy was not great. As far as tools for development? Sam Howell is your guy; he’s got what you want. But in terms of a guy who is going to come in and play well right away in an NFL offense? Probably Bailey Zappe.

“If they (Scott Turner and Ron Rivera) can abide by this play-action pass, insulate the quarterback, don’t put a lot on his plate, I feel better. But this offensive staff, for whatever reason, does not do that.

“That is another reason I am unsettled.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire