Logan Paulsen: Are the Commanders taking Daniels or Maye at No. 2?

The Chicago Bears take USC quarterback Caleb Williams first overall; who does Logan Paulsen feel the Commanders take at No. 2?

Paulsen discussed the Commanders’ choice with Craig Hoffman, kicking off hour 3 Thursday of Hoffman’s The Team 980 show. As always, Paulsen provided much thought-provoking content in comparing/contrasting quarterbacks Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels.

Drake Maye:

“For me, Drake Maye is a guy I was not very high on when we started the process.”

“When I watch the film, the throws Maye is making are to me, more NFL translatable. Go to YouTube and watch Drake Maye highlights 2023. You will see throws over the middle of the field, fades, comebacks, timing throws, off-schedule stuff.”

“He is a good athlete, a good leader. His interviews went well at the Combine.”

Jayden Daniels:

Jayden was so dynamic, the best player in college football. His ability to extend plays, create off-schedule, to run, his deep ball, is very intoxicating.”

“I like Jayden a lot, but the complexity of the offense (LSU) isn’t there.”

“There were opportunities with Daniels with what I would consider NFL-open throws, that he is turning down and running. I don’t want to knock him for throwing to good receivers or speaking to his skill set. But I do feel I have seen guys with that ability turn down NFL-open throws and never develop into NFL passers.”

“(When you watch his 2023 highlights), you see explosive runs, and you see box fades, some of the most beautiful box fades you have ever seen thrown in your life. But that is not viable consistently at the NFL level.”

Paulsen, Whom do the Commanders select at No. 2 overall?

“When you look at his big-time throw ratio, pressure to sack ratio, throws over the middle of the field, big-time throws over the middle of the field, all of those numbers favor Drake Maye pretty dramatically.”

“I understand they are different football players, and Jayden Daniels finds explosive plays outside of just throwing the football. He runs and that’s another way he beats blitzes.”

“The way Maye looks at the field, handles protections, it seems like an easier jump to say he projects better to the NFL level. I still like Jayden Daniels quite a bit. But I think Maye is a more NFL-ready product. His arm is not Justin Herbert but it is still pretty good.”

“I think that is the pick at No. 2, quite honestly.”

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire