Logan Paul: 'Anyone can knock out Floyd Mayweather Jr.'

Ahead of Sunday's PPV exhibition bout versus Floyd Mayweather Jr., Logan Paul tells Kevin Iole that he truly believes he can be the first to KO the unbeaten 44-year-old.

Video Transcript

KEVIN IOLE: Hey folks, I am Kevin Iole. Welcome to Yahoo Sports. My guest right now is Logan Paul. On Sunday in Miami, he is fighting Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and I saw Logan quotes that you're saying you can knock out Floyd Mayweather, Jr.? You can beat Floyd Mayweather, Jr. That's quite a statement, given he calls himself the best ever.

LOGAN PAUL: Kevin, anyone can knock out Floyd Mayweather, Jr. You could knock out Floyd Mayweather, Jr. My mother could do it. You know why? Because everyone is human, and everyone can get knocked out. And there comes a time in a man's life when he needs to know when to hold them, and when to fold them. And I think Floyd may have crossed that line.

KEVIN IOLE: Is it size that makes you believe that way? I mean, Floyd, 50-1, you're 0-1. I mean, it seems like is size your advantage in this fight?

LOGAN PAUL: Yeah, I mean, you know, statistics are with me, and are also not with me. I totally hear what you're saying. Yeah, obviously, my size is an advantage of mine. My youth, my want, my desire to be the greatest ever. Floyd did it, you know. But it's over, champ. Sorry, got your hat.

KEVIN IOLE: [LAUGHTER] Yeah, your brother Jake stole his hat. So Jake has made a number of mistakes in the past. Is this the biggest one he's made? Getting Floyd a little angry, and maybe bringing him more into the fight. He won't be sleeping on you now, I would think.

LOGAN PAUL: No, no, I mean, look, Floyd wants to kick my ass. Look, I get it. You know, I want to kick his ass, too. So now what?

KEVIN IOLE: Right. What happens if Floyd hits you with a shot? Because, you know, I can imagine that you haven't been hit by somebody as quick and as accurate a puncher as he is, and a lot of times they say, Logan, the punches that hurt you the most are the ones you don't see. What do you do if you get hit by Floyd?

LOGAN PAUL: Take it and move on. It's boxing, you know. We're going to get hit. That's what we do. Like, the name of the game is to hit, and not get hit, but it happens. So yeah, Floyd's going to attack me, for sure. And I imagine it's going to be quick. I imagine he's going to be strong, but it's the name of the game, brother. This is what we prepare for, and we'll be ready for anything.

KEVIN IOLE: What do you do? I mean, I give you a lot of credit, because you know you made a career out of-- you know, you're making a ton of money doing this, right? And your brother doing the same thing. You've got all these fighters that are talking your names. When combined, you have what, four fights, right? So I give you a ton of credit for that.

But I wonder, like, you know, do you feel like you're disrespecting the sport of boxing, when most of the time the commissions wouldn't approve a guy who's 0-1 against somebody who's 50-0. Do you feel that's disrespecting the sport, and it's hurting other fighters? Or do you feel like you're lifting the sport by doing this?

LOGAN PAUL: None of this is my fault. You know, this opportunity was presented to me, and I took it, because I like taking on challenges. And here we are, like, you know, don't get mad at me. I'm putting in as much respect on the sport as I possibly can. We work our asses off, man. We work harder than most legitimate fighters, which we are now, you know. And I know it's so hard for people to wrap their head around the fact that we may have made a little bit of a career shift, but the stable behind everything we've done in life, Jake and I, has been our work ethic, and it's no different in boxing.

KEVIN IOLE: No, god bless you. I love it. I love what you're doing. The only thing I don't like is the fact that you're fighting-- in other words, as I said, the Commission would not approve this fight had it been, you know, if you were everything the same, but you weren't a YouTube sensation. But because the money is there, that's why this fight is being approved, and I guess that's my only concern. Why not start at the bottom and work your way up, as opposed to-- in your second pro fight-- fighting the greatest of all time?

LOGAN PAUL: Because we started at the bottom, now we're here.

KEVIN IOLE: There you go. All right, well, I know you're really busy. I appreciate your time, brother. On June 6, you can buy the Showtime Pay Per View, Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather. Logan, all the best to you, my man.

LOGAN PAUL: Thank you. Thank you, Kevin.