Lockout Videos: Willis Reed has a lot going on, and he uses Alka-Seltzer

Ball Don't Lie

You know, it's been a rough day here at BDL. We spent a good chunk of the morning working on a lockout post that still boiled down to an exaggerated shrug of the shoulders. I mean, until something actually moves, what's the point of reading more tea leaves? And, apologies for the cliched transition, but it did end up turning out that Earl Clark probably did like Chinese food, so that post was ruined. And then there was the case of Jamario Moon's rap video, which is too NSFW to post here. Also, Kobe Bryant is not going to Italy, people.

After all of that, we need some relief. And this is where New York Knick Hall of Famer Willis Reed, with his jersey clearly on backwards, comes to help. With a tablet or two of Alka-Seltzer:

And you want to know why I'm taking Alka-Seltzer?

Thanks to Posting and Toasting for the find.

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