Lockout videos: Penny, Shaq, Spree, and Timmy go absolutely nuts in 1994

Michael Jordan's missed seasons in the mid-'90s are typically considered to be an asterisked period in the NBA history, but for nostalgists of a certain age it was also one of the most fun times around. Penny Hardaway was at his brief pre-injury peak and seemed like a next-level legend, Shaquille O'Neal terrorized every lackluster front line in his path, and players like Latrell Sprewell gave someone at the NBA office a great idea for this cool thing called League Pass.

Sometimes, when these guys met up, they produced magical games. Like the one given above from Dec. 16, 1994, when the team's played an overtime thriller full of obscene stat lines. Penny went for 38 and 13 assists, Shaq put up 40 and 18 rebounds, Spree poured in a ho-hum 40, and Tim Hardaway, only a few weeks into a comeback from a serious knee injury that made him miss all of the previous season, dished out 22 assists.

It's a long highlight video, but if you watch the whole thing you'll wish it were longer. Thank you, YouTube friends.

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