Lockout videos: Michael Jordan as ‘Max Jordan,’ battery detective

Ball Don't Lie

This was probably never meant for public consumption, and there's a good reason for that, but it appears Rayovac battery endorser Michael Jordan played a starring role in one of those made-for-the-company videos that they show at Rayovac corporate retreats or sales leadership conferences, all the way back in 1998.

And we wouldn't know about this embarrassing turn had Rayovac not put it online, and NESW Sports not found the clip back in June.

It's pretty bad. Bad in the way that replaces "is the Pope Catholic?" or "does a bear [do his his business] in the woods?" with "does Arnold Palmer wear green blazers?" When, in fact, Jack Nicklaus has the most Masters championships (and green blazers) with six, in total. When the 1930s dame in question is wearing chunky black 1990s shoes.

Bad as in ... just watch:

Geez. Even the actors are bad actors. And the estate of Herman Hupfeld as one heck of a publisher's rights lawsuit to dive into.

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