Lockout videos: The ‘best’ of the rest from the ‘vault’

Just like the NBA and its players, we (principally, me) had some ideas constructed during the lockout that sounded good at the time, but didn't exactly flesh out properly in reality once executed. Like the idea of lockout videos, which were supposed to make you giggle and suffer another day over the five-month labor negotiations, but instead probably just served as a reminder that there was a stupid lockout going on, enforced and encouraged by a bunch of jerks on both sides. Actual quote.

Wednesday, the lockout lifts officially. And as a reward of sorts, we're clearing our lockout video vault; pretending there's an actual vault to clear because that would be cooler than anything that happened during the actual lockout. There is absolutely nothing here of any substance, and we like it that way.

Like this video from a Duke/Georgia Tech NCAA basketball game that features Al Horford's head showing up out of nowhere a couple of times.


See what I mean? "More" after the jump ...

Then there was the time that Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson looked off Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Toni Kukoc to run a last-second play for Jason Caffey.

Of course the Bulls won. It's Jason Caffey:


(Via A Stern Warning.)

Then, from "Jimmy Kimmel Live," there was the James Caan School of Basketball Acting:

It's still better than "Brian's Song." And I'm a Bears fan.

There's this enjoyable watch, which I've never seen on NBA TV, featuring the 1977 NBA All-Star Game:

Fine, I'll say it. That's a whole lot of white guys.

We also found Jason Kidd's old "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," which we scuttled for a while because of Gil Scott-Heron's passing:

Our most recent addition to the bookmark folder? Via The Basketball Jones, it's a man with a mullet and a Detroit Pistons sweatshirt whistling very oddly:

I don't see what all the fuss was about. That was beautiful.

And, because this is Ball Don't Lie, we finish with Toni Kukoc one-upping a show-offy Reggie Miller with a game-winning buzzer-beater. This clip also features the highest Steve Kerr has ever jumped:

Welcome back, actual basketball.

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